24/7 Support

24/7 Support

BindBusters 24/7 Automation Support

247- Automation SupportAre you struggling to find Automation Support in a timely manner?  Is downtime costing you a fortune in sales and overtime?

MDI provides around the clock 365-day support within hours, not days, through our BindBusters Support program and our SightToSite remote connection technology.

With the frequency of technological advancement, many companies are finding it difficult and expensive to keep internal staff trained on the latest equipment and maintain full time knowledgeable support coverage. Some of the many benefits of BindBusters include:

  • True 24/7 Automation Support with a global reach, thanks to SightToSite.
  • Access to MDI’s vast library of programming software. If you don’t have it, a BindBusters Engineer is most likely standing by with the right software, cables, and connectivity to help.
  • Engineers with knowledge of your systems. BindBusters Engineers become familiar with your plant and its equipment through Site Surveys.
  • Total Plant coverage. Unlike some support contracts offered by OEMs and Manufacturers, BindBusters doesn’t cover a specific manufacturer or type of equipment. We cover all of the automated equipment in your plant, period.
  • Offsite Backup. We store all of your automation programs on our secure redundant servers.  For free.  For life.

To learn more on how MDI’s BindBusters program can provide support for your facility, please click here, or call 717.227.1800.


24 7 Support SightToSite BoxWhy SightToSite?
We’ve all had that sinking feeling: it’s 11pm on a Friday evening, and a critical piece of machinery is down. It’s past business hours for the OEM and your local systems integrator, and you’re losing production by the minute. What do you do? Who do you turn to? At MDI we hate downtime as much as you do which is why we created SightToSite: the absolute fastest way to get troubleshooting and support for your PLCs and HMIs 24/7/365.

What Is SightToSite?
SightToSite is a proprietary portable device that allows MDI’s team of over 20 BindBusters Emergency Response Engineers to remotely connect to any PLC or HMI in your plant. It primarily uses amplified 3G/4G cellular technology that is much stronger than your cell phone. In many cases, this will cover your entire plant. Best of all; there is no setup required from you or your IT department. If you have a spot in your plant that just doesn’t have any cell coverage, SightToSite also has the ability to connect through your plants WiFi or Ethernet network as well.

SightToSite is NOT a VPN connection, it exactly mimics a direct connection just as if our engineer was standing next to your equipment. This allows us to connect to PLCs that have not been assigned an IP Address and that don’t have any Ethernet capabilities. In fact, because SightToSite has ports for Ethernet, USB, and Serial (yes, even Serial!), we can connect to just about any PLC or HMI in your plant.

How Do I Get SightToSite?
SightToSite is available for lease only through MDI. With a lease you get:

      • Direct access to a friendly and knowledgeable BindBusters Engineer 24/7/365
      • Free Maintenance and Upgrades to your SightToSite device
      • A guaranteed response time of 2 hours or less*

*MDI guarantees an engineer will be available within 2 hours, or you will receive 2 hours of free service.

How the Remote Support Process Works

Once you sign up for BindBusters, you will have access to MDI’s team of qualified Automation Support Engineers who are on-call around the clock, 365 days per year.

MDI guarantees that within 2 hours of receiving notification of a support need, remote support via SightToSite or VPN connectivity will commence.

When support is needed, you simply contact MDI via the dedicated support phone number provided.

Via the provided cables, SightToSite will connect to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) running the equipment experiencing the issue. Our support team can help with this straight-forward process, if needed.

When SightToSite is powered on, it will automatically establish a secure connection to our support team via the Internet.
At this point, your MDI Engineer on call will look into the live program running your equipment, and quickly determine the issue interfering with production.

Working with your technician, we can:

      • Diagnose the root cause of control equipment problems (such as the PLC, I/O cards, communications cards, variable frequency drives, servo controllers, Operator interface terminals, etc.)
      • Pinpoint issues with sensors and/or actuators (such as photo eyes, limit switches, level sensors, valves, motor contactors, solenoids, etc.)
      • Identify and resolve programming issues related to the problem.

If on-site support is requested, an engineer will be dispatched right away.

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