Want To Join Us In Bringing Companies Into The Future?

MDI is always looking to add talented individuals to our team. We are looking for hard working engineers who are willing to travel and constantly learn new platforms/software in multiple industry sectors. Whether you are changing careers or just coming out of school, we want to hear from you.

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Here’s what you can expect out of careers at MDI:

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Current Students:

Check to see if we’ll be at your next career fair and come talk to us about a summer internship or full time position, or email us a resume at

What do people have to say about working at MDI?

“We would like to start this email by just asserting that MDI gave us some pretty brilliant interns! Too often people overlook recommendation for others for their merit and we just could not. From the moment they arrived on site and began learning, they never once quit or stopped growing. Things that take technicians in our experience to learn or understand only took them moments equivalently. We just had to send some praise their way and yours for the help, and would REALLY like to see them again in the future.” – 2018 Client On Summer Interns

“Unlike a lot of internships that friends of mine had, where they are working on menial tasks, I was placed alongside full-time engineers. I think this is the most interesting dynamic for interns here because there is basically no difference in the treatment of full time engineers and interns. We were given just as much responsibility as them and given the same tools for success.” – Summer Intern, Now Full-Time

Where does our team come from?

We are very proud to have team members from a variety of backgrounds including military veterans and top school alumni from all over the country such as:

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