Remote Support

Remote Support

Yes, MDI can support your plant remotely!! With many locations shutdown already due to the spreading virus concerns and more about to close doors, MDI is here to help troubleshoot controls issues or provide remote engineering support.

From remote PCs to VPNs we have a number of ways to communicate with your plant including:

-Cisco AnyConnect

MDI’s BindBusters are a team of qualified Automation Engineers who are on-call around the clock, 365 days per year.

Depending on what system is in place, we can help walk you through the process to get us connected via one of the above methods.

At this point, your MDI Engineer will look into the live program running your equipment, and quickly determine the issue interfering with production.

Working with your technician, we can:

  • Diagnose the root cause of control equipment problems (such as the PLC, I/O cards, communications cards, variable frequency drives, servo controllers, Operator interface terminals, etc.)
  • Pinpoint issues with sensors and/or actuators (such as photo eyes, limit switches, level sensors, valves, motor contactors, solenoids, etc.)
  • Identify and resolve programming issues related to the problem.

We can also help keep your projects up and running! Contact us and see how we can help.