Sample Projects

Sample Projects

Food and Beverage Industry

MDI has extensive experience assisting clients in the Food Industry upgrading existing control systems. Recent projects include:

  • Providing Programming Services to integrate two new Bag Dump Stations (one existing, one future), 2 rotary valves, and 1 diverter valve into an existing Line controlled by a ControlLogix PLC and Wonderware Intouch Version 10 HMI for control and monitoring purposes. MDI provided programming, I/O configuration, tagging, and updating/creating of new graphics within the existing HMI/PLC programs.
  • Converting 3 existing refiners from Siemens S7-314 PLCs to Allen Bradley CompactLogix PACs, rewriting the code for RS Logix 5000 and the HMI application for FactoryTalk View. MDI reconfigured all VFDs to communicate via Ethernet, retrofitted the existing control cabinet panels, and provided a complete documentation package with Electrical drawings, configuration files, and PLC/HMI programs.
  • Upgrading process controls on an existing line, including documentation such as AutoCAD (.dwg) and Portable Document Format (.pdf) files for the remote I/O network, Ethernet/IP network drawing, layout drawings, and I/O cards. MDI upgraded and updated the existing SLC program to Logix Designer Application Version 21, and modified six Panelview Plus HMIs, one Wonderware Intouch HMI, one Ignition HDTV Marquee, and one INSQL application.
  • Reverse engineering of current CIP system for programming and upgrading of existing PLC 5 and Panel View HMI to a CompactLogix PLC and Panelview Plus 1000 HMI. MDI provided all panel retrofit services, electrical drawings, start-up services, and integration of system to current ABB DCS.
  • Reverse engineering of a current Syrup and Batching Control System to upgrade an existing PLC 5 legacy controller to a ControlLogix PLC. MDI also provided program conversion/error correcting services and tagging for Wonderware HMI, and worked with the plant schedule to retrofit the existing panel over multiple weekends so as to not disrupt weekly production. MDI performed all I/O checkout, start-up and commissioning services, and provided updated electrical documentation.
  • Performing reverse engineering for a Texas Instrument PLC upgrade from existing palletizer legacy controls to an Automation Direct PLC. MDI provided all programming, panel modification, start-up, and commissioning services.

Warehouse Automation

MDI has successfully completed warehouse automation system installations and retrofits for multiple sites across the United States. These systems generally involve automated cranes and conveyors that move material to varied locations within a warehouse at very high speeds. For this type of installation, MDI typically provides or assists with some or all of the following:

  • PLC programming for the material handling equipment and bar code readers/RFID interfacing equipment
  • HMI screen development for warehouse personnel to store and call for material, based on various site-specific algorithms
  • Interfacing software to connect system to a database package (such as Oracle or MS SQL Server) to track the contents of all warehouse bins and in-transit material
  • Special User interface screen development to allow for periodic inventory checks for database accuracy confirmation
  • System checkout and commissioning

Heavy Industry

Recently, a large heavy industry manufacturing facility approached MDI to network their PLCs and HMIs as a precursor to SCADA implementation. In addition, MDI also put into place:

  • Downtime Tracking software for a paint line using Ignition SCADA
  • Integration using Ignition software to interface multiple scales across the plant into a single database, allowing precise automation of filling heavy equipment while accounting for differences in frame weights

Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry

  • New Pharmaceutical Installation: MDI designed and installed the instrumentation and networking for a new Media Buffer Hold system and a media storage system. MDI specified, purchased, and installed instrumentation and the communication systems between the skids. During systems checkout, MDI provided troubleshooting of all systems, including motors, pumps, valves, instruments, specialty communication devices, and all software.
  • Bio-Pharm: MDI provided all PLC programming and screen development services for a facility with one domestic and one international location.The first phase of the project included over 1,000 I/O points distributed among 5 integrated Bioreactors, 1 Dual Tank CIP skid, and one WFI distribution system for maintaining ambient, tepid, and hot supplies.The control architecture had a total of 7 ControlLogix PLCs and 7 Factory Talk View SE HMIs, including 6 HMIs on a distributed server. MDI provided all programming services, and worked closely with the end user operators to achieve a successful system startup.
  • Pharmaceutical Startup: MDI provided programming, panel assembly, instrumentation design, installation, startup, and validation services on a new USP water storage system and solution feed system. MDI specified, purchased, and installed all instrumentation, then tested and commissioned the control loops. MDI was also responsible for starting up pumps, motors, and other subsystems, managed subcontractors, and executed final system commissioning.


MDI worked with an existing Natural Gas Vaporization system:

  • MDI updated, enhanced, and expanded an existing GE PAC 8000/Wonderware Hybrid DCS Controls system to accommodate an additional 100 IO points and 57 new devices.
  • MDI assisted in design, and provided all programming, graphic upgrades, communications (Modbus), control system hardware, loop checks, commissioning, start-up, and documentation.
  • System enhancements include new relay protection on new pumps, additions of fire/hazard detection systems, a vibration monitoring system, and a routine to log historical data into the existing historian.

Power Industry

MDI has designed and installed numerous PLC, HMI, and SCADA power system control solutions for government and private critical facilities, medical facilities, and research laboratories. In general, services provided include:

  • Implementing control systems responsible for transferring between multiple incoming power feeders and generators, as well as generator paralleling, load shedding, and cogen.
  • Designing and installing SCADA systems for facilities and wind/solar power generation that provide an overview of the state of the equipment, data logging, and alarming.
  • Providing secure communications to systems, including owner operated SCADA systems, local utilities, and regional transmission organizations.

Water and Waste Water Treatment Facilities

MDI has provided extensive upgrade services to water treatment and waste water treatment facilities. MDI strives to work with plant personnel to upgrade while allowing full functionality to continue until the complete changeover has been achieved, to allow the facility to continuously comply with federal regulatory agencies. Typical upgrades might include:

  • Upgrading an existing antiquated PLC and DCS systems with a new current controls packages including processors, I/O modules, PCs, data historian server, and workstation interface software.
  • Installation and integration of a fiber optic and Ethernet communication network; workstation terminals and remote VPN workstation terminals; server for historical data collection, data logging, alarm history, and interface to the existing PI system; and redundant hard drives.
  • Communications updates to allow remote monitoring and control.
  • Software development in conjunction with the plant operators.
  • Software setup and testing at MDI before installation, to confirm system functionality, and allow for a seamless cutover (either live or with minimal downtime) to the new system.