SCADASCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is one of the fastest-growing segments of the automation industry. This demand is driven by companies’ need for data analysis and centralized control. MDI’s experienced team of engineers have completed SCADA projects on a wide variety of platforms, including Ignition, Wonderware, WinCC, CiTECH, FactoryTalk View SE, and SCADAPACK.

While the possibilities for SCADA Systems are endless, they typically fall into two categories:

Control Approach:
The traditional use for these systems (and one of its primary uses) is to centralize control in a plant. The benefits of a centralized system include:

Less operator interface is required, which means fewer employees are needed to operate the plant process and packaging lines.

The controlling operator can see the entire process on one screen, saving the time previously spent walking from machine to machine to view the same data.

Data Processing Approach:
Many companies use SCADA to collect, process, and report data. These systems excel at collecting plant floor level data from a variety of PLCs.  That data can then be written into a database such as SQL or Oracle, and the customer can produce useful reports.

Installing a SCADA system is a great first step toward a totally integrated plant. For the next step, see MES.